Many people prefer to travel with their own transport or with the help of a car that can be rented from us, because the cost of the trip is the same as in the railway transport, and sometimes cheaper. At the same time, the car can also be used on site for movement in another city.

Some motorists do wrong when they just get into the car and go where they need to

But before you go on a long trip, it is worth taking a series of activities to prepare the car for a long ride.

First, you need to carefully check the technical condition of the car and do some maintenance work. This is a test of the engine oil level and the level of the transmission oil, checking the coolant level. It is also necessary to check the chassis of the machine and the condition of the wheels.

Having fixed all the problems in the technical part, you need to pack things up and put in the luggage compartment available tools for possible car repairs on the road. Also bring along a towing cable, as many people forget about it and buy another one on the road. Do not be so wasteful about the means.

Having prepared and laid the tool, it is necessary to take along the engine oil and coolant. Prepare and put in a trunk a small container with water, as to spend time of a trip on its searches in case of need it is not necessary.

After that it is worth to look and check the serviceability of the headset and navigator. It depends on how quickly you can reach your destination.

Having rested before a long trip, you can go on a journey, but do not forget about safety on the road for yourself and others. So feeling tired or drowsy, it is better to lie down for a few hours to sleep. Let it be late, but your life and health will not be put at risk.